Achievements Unlocked Thus Far..

I was really inspired to start writing down my victories and chose this blog as an outlet. I really want to help others who think they can’t do it. I want to make them realize that it is possible and it’s actually easy if you just make yourself try. Stop with the excuses and just try! So in no particular order, here are things I’ve done that I may have never thought possible before:

I stopped talking myself out of exercise and to quote a famous company, I just do it. There are no more excuses. Who cares if I work on my feet all day? So do millions of other people and they are fat, too. The difference is I’m going to stop being fat because now that I work out no matter how badly I can’t imagine doing it, I have more energy then ever. I don’t know why exerting energy gives you more, but it does and I feel so much better working on my feet all day.

I have beat my preference for convenience over nutrition so many times this month. One day in particular comes to mind. I set myself up for failure when I came home and took a nap after an opening shift at work. I woke up ravenous and cranky. There was no patience left in me to prepare a low calorie meal. What did I do? I texted my friend for support. I was seconds from driving to the nearest McDonald’s and getting whatever the fuck I wanted when she reminded me why I shouldn’t. After a few minutes of feeling sorry for myself, I had some fruit and made a delicious, satisfying, low calorie meal. I felt like I just climbed Mt. Everest afterward and I even worked out later that night.

I work in a kitchen. I bake in this kitchen and I bake often. I make cake batters and frostings from scratch with recipes I invent as I go along. This requires sampling, tweaking, and more sampling. On days when there is no way around it, I accept that and set aside a chunk of my daily allowance and I fucking deal with it.

I made it through PMS week with only a 2 pound gain. Hopefully this is just water weight and things will get back to normal. This involved portion controlling my cravings and not using it as an excuse to put away an entire pint of Cherry Garcia. I also exercised through my tiredness and it made me feel a hundred times better.

Speaking of Shark Week, I walked and played tennis even though I had cramps. SPOILERS: They went away shortly after I got moving.

Speaking of tennis, I picked up tennis! It’s super fun and you don’t even realize what a great workout you’re getting.

I added strength training to my cardio! My exercise routine includes the following a few times per week: Hourly walking, power walking alternating with jogging, tennis, and strength training such as lunges, squats, push ups, light weight lifting, and crunches. I was rendered immobile after my first round of squats and lunges but within a few days I did it again and had no soreness after the second time.

I push myself when I work out. Within reason, when my brain is saying, ‘hey you can’t breathe and your legs are melting into nubs’, I try and push myself at least a few more seconds. The feeling of noticing improved strength is indescribable.

I am done with using special occasions as reasons to splurge. Special occasions for me could have included anything from having a headache to celebrating Christmas. They are now minor setbacks which I control through small portions. I don’t reward myself with food. I’m not a pup, I don’t need a treat for a good job. Rewards now come in the form of a once tight but now loose shirt or feeling like I won’t tip over when I’m on my thirtieth squat rep.

I have had an acquaintance who I used to lure into seeing me with various high calorie baked goods (hi Tammy!) become a friend and someone I can count on for support and to exercise with.

Speaking of support, I have also recruited my aunt and cousin to join me on my journey. It would be one of the biggest achievements of my life if me and my friends and family members were pictures of health in the year to come. We don’t need perfect looking bodies but we do need to be healthy, strong and be giving our bodies good foods.

I think this is my shining moments so far and I hope to add so many more in a shorter list.



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