Best day of my life, whaddya think?! And how to grill out appropriately.

The title of this post is a reference to a Napoleon Dynamite quote. He is being sarcastic and I was, too, but then I realized perhaps not!

It’s another one of those days where I’ve got calories to spare on MyFitnessPal and I haven’t eaten myself into a depression. Every meal was delicious and gave me energy instead of a self loathing coma.

Breakfast! I expect I’ll be referencing a lot now, so get used to that. I saw her post about some S’mores Pancakes she made and decided to do my own version of that.

I need to write a quick disclaimer. There are so many food blogs out there doing this recipe thing where they take photos step by step and it really is food porn. Everything looks delicious and with it all broken down and up close, it’s not long before you’re thinking “Hey I can do that!” and surveying the kitchen cabinets only to realize you’re missing 50% of the ingredients and then you forget what you even wanted to make so badly. I don’t have the time, especially at work when I’ve got a million things going on and I don’t have the desire at home to snap a photo of each step and then upload them. I’m not a food photographer. My plates are either horror movie or Corelle hand me downs and my fork tines are bent. I’m not the type of person who needs kitchenware to match. If I need glasses, I pick up a pack of plastic tumblers for $1 or head to the goodwill. I guess what I’m saying is my photos are crappy and my plates are crappy and I know and I’m not sorry because CYSFD and The Pioneer Woman are providing enough food porn to go around. That, and I mainly take photos to send a quick message of my meals to my family and friends who might want recipe ideas or even motivation.

My spastic chihuahua hates kitchen appliances. I have no idea why. The food processor creates the worst reaction and the stand mixer creates the smallest reaction, as pictured here when he saw me put on the paddle attachment:


Just a teeny growl.

I only made the following substitutions to the pancake recipe (if you haven’t clicked the link, go click it!):

1/4 cup of applesauce to replace 1 egg

3 tablespoons vanilla yogurt to replace sour cream

This was mainly for convenience and since I haven’t had the original recipe, all I can say is those little changes still gave me amazing pancakes. I used 1/4 cup of batter per pancake and ended up with 7 pancakes. I spread them out as thin as possible to trick myself into thinking they were bigger than they were, and I cut one in half, so I ended up having a David Copperfield two for one sort of deal. I got a rough calculation of 100 calories per pancake. I still have my terrible weaning condiments on hand until I find better substitutions, so I topped it with Fat Free Redi Whip (2 tbsp is only 5 calories.. I tend to just put a huge pile), berries and sugar free syrup (30 calories per serving) instead of marshmallow sauce. I threw an egg in the same pan and it didn’t taste chocolatey so my laziness didn’t hurt me that time.


After breakfast, my husband and I shared a moment of bewilderment when we realized how awesome we felt compared to yesterday. I had so much energy and ended up working out soon after eating, doing my cardio + strength training moves.

I unlocked a very small achievement; I ran (jogged? sure as heck felt like running though) for 3 minutes straight as part of my beginning warm up. This may not sound like much to some and it’s a very slow mile pace but for an out of shaper with asthma, this was amazing.

I can’t believe how much stronger my legs get every time.

I was driving today and thinking to myself about how easy this has been. The food world seems endless. I really think I can do this for the rest of my life because there’s always a new recipe to try. I have counted calories with minor success in the past and I have to wonder why I just stopped. I got bored with it. I put myself in food ruts of green beans or boiled eggs as my go-to sides. I didn’t allow myself those evil, stupid, yet I don’t know what to do about them, cheat days. It was a very positive moment when I thought about doing this for the rest of my life.

I dusted off the ol’ Nook and downloaded some trial magazines like Cooking Light and Weight Watchers. I am on the fence about subscribing. Every recipe in there looked wonderful but I wonder if I have something coming in my mail box at least bi monthly with portion control mantras, will I love the stream of new ideas? Or will it be like “OH OKAY, this ol’ song and dance? This decadent recipe where the serving size is 1/3 cup? I can do that at Olive Garden. Who gives a shiiiiiiiiiiit?!” Something to consider.

After working out, I had some Raisin Bran (I just love it, is that weird?) and friends came over for our usual Sunday Funday. I love my friends so much! I love my friends for being such amazing, intelligent people who just get it. I feel so lucky to have finally found them! We grilled a mix of veggie dogs, kabobs, and I made sliders out of lean ground beef. I cut up 100 calorie portions and used a reusable drink lid to shape them into round, flat patties.

New lesson learned! I was hoping the small slider buns would have less calories than usual. Shoot to the no they didn’t and I didn’t learn this until after the meat came off the grill. I could have had a huge wheat bun for 80 but fuck me, right?. They were a novelty at least and I estimated them to be just about 200 calories.

For sides, I made a huge fruit salad with watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, blueberries, and grapes. Then I did up my huge pan of steamed veggies.

Instructions as follows: Take a big pan and cover it with foil but don’t tear the foil off. Just let the roll hang out on the side. Layer veggies, like such as squash, zucchini, broccoli, red potatoes, and carrots. Season with salt, pepper, thyme. I pour about a 1/2 a cup of water all over the pan to create steam when it heats and not dry the veggies out. A month or two ago, I would have said “drizze with melted butter” but not anymore. Take the roll and fold it over, tearing when the ends meet. Fold it up into a giant, sealed pack of amazing and cook in a 450 degree oven. It takes awhile, I don’t know how long, just check it in about 15 minutes for that texture of veggies you like.


A friend passed along some kick ass looking cauliflower recipes and I definitely gotta mash some up and pretend I’m having mashed potatoes.

Just look! Said friend captioned it most appropriately with “Holy Hell!”.

So yeah, this is essentially a food diary post, but I mainly wanted to write today to really get out the difference between the day before cheat day, cheat day, and the day after. I’ve just been so happy today and so full of energy. Get this! We played badminton and I didn’t feel like a slug even though I had just eaten. AND THEN! There’s more. When we retired because it was too dark to see the shuttlecock, I started relaxing and ..

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: I subconsciously got really excited about the prospect of my usual night time workout!

I didn’t do it of course, because I remembered I busted my ass earlier and that I could just chill out. I had a half cup serving of ice cream instead. And I still have a calorie deficit going on.

In summary: if anyone’s a depressed slug, eat pancakes, sliders, and ice cream.


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