Progress Update

WordPress, you’re still on my shit list. I don’t have the brainpower to rewrite my baking post just yet, but I still wanted to do a bit of bragging.

Yesterday morning, I weighed in at 179.something. Hooray! The scales are finally budging. I’m making a connection between working my legs really hard, having them seem bigger than normal, shrink up over a couple days and then the numbers on the scale fall. I no longer feel like a sham saying “I’m just building muscle”, I clearly am.

This morning, I weighed in at 178.something. Holy shit. I never expected to see another drop. I really wish I knew what my weight started at, but this is officially 10 pounds since November. I have lost one (1) Powder, an oversize chihuahua.

I couldn’t resist trying on some jeans I hadn’t been able to fit since 2010.  They ALMOST fit. Muffin top percentage somewhere around 25%, unflattering butt smush around 100%, and the thigh squeezing was around 80%.

Compared to not even being able to get them buttoned, I’ll take it! I’m pure class, so I won’t wear them just yetbut they’re a close reality. Who am I kidding, I dress like a ten year old boy.

I can’t remember if I detailed the workout I do at least twice a week, but I really can’t get over the results I’m getting. I wish I could do it more often, but I end up shredding my thighs and butt so much with squats and lunges that I do light exercise in between so they can rest. Even so, I KNOW I am getting stronger and will be able to do it more soon.

The workout doesn’t take long, less than 30 minutes if you do bare min.

>I start with 5 minutes of cardio, always a run/walk on the treadmill to get my heart rate up. Jumping jacks, jump rope or anything similar would work if you didn’t have a treadmill.

>Then I do 30 ab exercises, ranging from upper, to lower, to side, whatever I feel like doing. The abs are where I feel the most strength improvement.

>Then I do 30 leg exercises, usually lunges, per leg.

>Then I do 30 arm exercises, always push ups.

>I do about 15 seconds of hopping around like a maniac to get my heart rate back up

>Repeat the same order.

If I did lunges the first go round, I’ll do squats the second. Push ups the first time, I’ll do tricep stuff the second with only 5 pound weights because I’m such a beginner.

>I finish with cardio for at least 5 more minutes and will keep going depending on how I feel.

Today I had a ton of housework in progress and only did the last 5 minutes.

I can’t wait to shed more of this fat so I can see my hard work. Just look! I filled up my calendar and tomorrow I get to print a new one for July!

Sometimes, I really did take all those days off from exercising. Sometimes, I couldn’t remember and I’m thrilled to say that’s just because it’s become a habit and I forget to write it down.

Lately, I feel like I’m dropping pounds on a pasta diet.

He knows.

At least one meal per day, I weigh out 2 ounces of pasta (yeah, food scale!). I cook a big batch every few days so it makes it really easy.  I then throw in vegetables. I’ll take it anywhere from spaghetti  with plain tomato sauce, peppers, and lean meat to creamy alfredo by adding in some fat free sour cream, peas or broccoli. I saw a recipe with Greek yogurt for creamy pasta and I actually used the last of the SC today. Next time, I’ll just buy greek yogurt since it will be much better for me and the texture is way more fulfilling! Depending on how much crap you add in with your pasta, you can have a huge plate!

Tonight, I experimented with a mashed potato alternative. I cooked one squash, one zucchini and two small red potatoes. I pureed them all together and added salt and one tablespoon of butter for the whole pot.  It ended up being less than 60 calories per serving and the taste was great. The texture, not so much. It ended up with tons of tiny lumps. I’m an open minded veggie lover, so I didn’t mind at all, but I am going to tweak that a bit more. Even adding another potato to the pot would only add 25 calories or so to the total for a big portion. I have heard of cauliflower “potatoes” but I didn’t have any in the house to try. I’d love to include a picture, but they really didn’t look appetizing.

I’d also like to thank Rice Krispies for being puffed up with air and tricking me with their volume so I can add fruit and enjoy a big bowl of cereal. I bought some Bran Buds, which are dense, nutritious and tasty but that 1/3 cup doesn’t go very far with me.

Shhh, RK’s are nutritionally useless.

I had the same breakfast everyday this week and it ruled. A 90 calorie pita pocket, an egg scrambled with red peppers and a little bit of ham and a sprinkle of cheese. Sriracha now has me in its clutches and compared to Frank’s Red Hot sauce, I’ll take the 5 calories and 10390192018301920% decrease in sodium. I don’t want to get in food ruts so I should probably change it up.

My Friday night dessert was a cored and diced apple, sprinkled with cinnamon and microwaved hot. I keep trying to think of a crumble sort of substitute I could add, but I’m lazy. Rasins or nuts might be good.

Oh hey, I saw Brave. I’m cynical, mean, and hard to please, so I really hated on the princess making selfish, stupid decisions but then there wouldn’t have been a plot and so when I push those thoughts away, I loved it. Super fun movie! I even ate little popcorn (no butter. duh).


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