Posted in July 2012

WBRU: the end.

I ended the week with the following grand slams… Hey, if you want big muffs, you gotta make big muffs! Blueberries, cranberries, and almonds. Two cupcake show stoppers! I love S’mores and I haven’t been able to have any since Memorial Day. Firstly, because that’s the last day I ate like a glutton and secondly, … Continue reading

WBRU, the sequel.

After these hits and misses, I wanted to do something awesome. I have a cheesecake recipe I acquired through flattering means and it really is one of the best cheesecakes I’ve ever made. Cheesecake texture is something that I am never sure what is ideal. I know I’ve never met a bad cheesecake, but the … Continue reading

Weekly baking round up has been delivered! Part One.

I write novels instead of blog posts, so this will be the first installment of the shit I made last week, ya’ll! If you’ll remember that post from eons ago, I was brainstorming a strawberry or blueberry twist cupcake, since customers eyeballs double in size anytime the frosting resembles soft serve ice cream. Rightfully so! … Continue reading