WBRU: the end.

I ended the week with the following grand slams…

Hey, if you want big muffs, you gotta make big muffs!

Blueberries, cranberries, and almonds.

Two cupcake show stoppers! I love S’mores and I haven’t been able to have any since Memorial Day. Firstly, because that’s the last day I ate like a glutton and secondly, because when we had our kick ass little fire outside, this drunk old man stumbled up and wouldn’t leave for what felt like hours. It was probably 5 minutes. My pit bull hated him but he just said “I love you, cuz” and all sorts of other incoherent BS. I hate drunk people.

Cinnamon cake, graham crackers on the bottom, marshmallow in the middle, more grahams on top!

Ready to sell!

Obligatory sample.

These started selling quickly, so I knew they needed some company. Cookie dough time! I baked our signature chocolate chip cookies and whipped up some cookie dough without eggs. I used a chocolate cake and thought of a way to make cookie dough buttercream. I really wanted to add some molasses to get that brown sugar flavor, but we didn’t have any in stock and I was afraid it might make the whole batch bitter anyway. NEXT time I am most definitely adding molasses because I know this frosting could have been so much more.

Perfectly baked cookie piece on top…..

My sample. With chocolate cake, a cookie dough center, cookie dough frosting, and a cookie piece, this isn’t portion control. It’s not even quality control. It’s WILL POWER. I’ve got plenty more where that came from.

A happy family, getting ready to be put out for sale.


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