WBRU, the sequel.

After these hits and misses, I wanted to do something awesome. I have a cheesecake recipe I acquired through flattering means and it really is one of the best cheesecakes I’ve ever made. Cheesecake texture is something that I am never sure what is ideal. I know I’ve never met a bad cheesecake, but the ones I make with brownie batter or cookie dough, are thicker than this one. This is a NY style that knocks my socks off. Unfortunately, customers never buy plain looking cheesecakes. This frustrates me since the flavored ones are so popular.

First, ya gotta make the crust. I love making crusts with cookies instead of graham crackers or wafers. This just adds a certain awesome. But I’m on a diet! And I couldn’t break one up and snack on it like I normally would. I had to get proactive.

This is what happens when a baker tries to lose weight.

Such a forgiving recipe! Not a single crack after cooling.

All these naked pieces staring at me! What to do to make them look buyable?

I normally like to do awesome, tall cheesecakes. Stack the crust all the way up the sides of the pan. Too bad this recipe is too much for my small pan and doesn’t quite fill my large pan, so I have wussy but delicious slices.

I decided to put chocolate chips on the crust side and top a few with a blueberry filling similarly made to my strawberry filling with natural ingredients.  They slowly sold but to get rid of the rest, I had to cover some with miniature Reese’s and chocolate sauce and did some others with pecans and caramel.

Check out these bad boys. I was in a tropical sort of mind with the heat wave and all, and went for an orange, coconut and pineapple cake. I filled them with mango whipped cream and topped them with Creamsicle (Dreamsicle? Which do you say?) frosting. I wanted to add a little orange food coloring but I resisted.

We ended up with a huge zucchini and I tried my hand at Zucchini Bread. I hate quickbreads because it’s so hard to judge filling the loaf pans. You never know at first how much the bread will rise, and I always underestimate. I have perfected banana bread and one secret is slamming the shit out of the pan on a hard surface to get all the air bubbles out.  I did that with these and still ended up with teeny loaves. Luckily, they tasted amazing so I priced them low and put them out for sale.

 Really putting the “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz” in Zucchini.

I still had a ton of Z left and made Chocolate Cupcakes that could only be described as my biggest disaster I never gave up on.

I modified a recipe and doubled the chocolate, along with some other things.


Seems like a lot of vegetable for a chocolate cake treat…

I put em in the oven and checked them halfway. I don’t even use a timer anymore. The thing that sucks about our oven is the door is HEAVY. I burn myself on it weekly and this time, after I checked my beautiful little dome pieces, the door must have caused everything to collapse. I pulled out what could be described as upside down cowboy hats. The domes fell, poured out onto the side and baked crisp onto the pan. The middles were inverted.

Damn it!

Who am I to give up? I let them cool and with my tail between my legs, I cut them out. I trimmed the excess crispy parts and tried a piece. It was so good, but not very chocolatey. So I needed to deliver some chocolate. Since I already had craters in these things, I whipped up a fluffy cream filling. Next, I made a chocolate buttercream with our very own espresso and hazelnut filling. Life handed me shitty cupcakes and I made them into awesome cupcakes. Just look at our sample:

Everything turned out millions of times better than expected!


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