Weekly baking round up has been delivered! Part One.

I write novels instead of blog posts, so this will be the first installment of the shit I made last week, ya’ll!

If you’ll remember that post from eons ago, I was brainstorming a strawberry or blueberry twist cupcake, since customers eyeballs double in size anytime the frosting resembles soft serve ice cream. Rightfully so! I ended up going a strawberry shortcake route. Real SSC is made up a biscuit like thing, but this cupcake was made up of yellow cake, strawberry filling, and strawberry + vanilla buttercream frosting twisted together. Nothing in life is that easy, so I was really underwhelmed by the result, even though customers’ feedback was positive.

First, the dang oven was on 29402 degrees and I thought I gave it enough time to cool to a reasonable 350. So this caused my cakes to bake up quick and the outside was more coarse than what I go for. I would have tossed ’em but since I was filling them, I thought I’d take my chances on the coarse cake being a better choice for holding that in.
So yeah, the filling. First I made the usual strawberry filling but it tasted too much like corn starch. Time to see what nature can do for me: I made a thin glaze out of honey, maple syrup and some other stuff and mixed it with chopped up strawberries. Perfect!
Next, I put vanilla frosting in one bag, strawberry in another, then both of those in a HUGE bag and got a killer ‘cep work out holding the thing up and steady.

Hey, remember that post about the boring old lady scowling at my S’mores bars? These are them.

Blecchhchh somebody quick! Get me a scone!

Thanks WordPress for rotating this weird. Sure is easy on the eyes.

Up next, I wanted to do a muff that resembled this Oatmeal Raisin type cookie we have. Called the Harvest Cookie, it is packed with all sorts of great stuff from dried cranberries to oats and almonds. My muffin had blueberries, apples, mint, dried peaches, oats, almonds, all sorts of stuff that sounds weird together but was amazing.  I knew customers would never go for it so I put a very vague description on these beauties and they didn’t sell anyway. That’s okay, I didn’t even write down the ingredients.

It’s ok muff! My colleagues will eat you once you go stale and remark how delicious they were and why didn’t anyone want any, omg these are so good!

Next up in major failures, I fully intended on making some Red Velvet Cream Cheese Brownies. These are awesome and everyone knows it. Except I went full retard.

…and forgot the red food coloring and just tossed the brownie layer in the oven first. I’m accustomed to baking cheesecake bars so the crust crisps first, and then I put the top on and finish baking.

So now I have this thin brownie layer that tastes like red velvet. When in Rome, I say, so I quickly thought up an “upside down brownie cheesecake bar”. I put the cream cheese mixture on, then a graham cracker crust and some chocolate chips for good measure. I present: THE UPSIDE DOWN BROWNIE CHEESECAKE BAR.


 They were a hit.


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