Procastinate to celebrate!

I am putting off some serious business to write this post, but I just have to remember how great I feel at the moment! I promised a friend that I’d fulfill his request for a painting he is planning to give as a gift. I have to work at 6 AM, so I should be … Continue reading

Weekly Baking Round Up

I had the chance to try a new recipe today. Wednesday are usually busy in the little kitchen where I bust my hump but today was one of those days where I could flex my talents. First, I made a quick dozen of chocolate muffins. They’re richer than cake. Pudding is the secret ingredient and … Continue reading

Achievements Unlocked Thus Far..

I was really inspired to start writing down my victories and chose this blog as an outlet. I really want to help others who think they can’t do it. I want to make them realize that it is possible and it’s actually easy if you just make yourself try. Stop with the excuses and just … Continue reading

In the beginning..

I had a picture picked out that I wanted to be somewhere on this blog, either with this intro post or as a header picture. ┬áIt was of a large Ziploc bag that contained two slices of pizza and a Miller High Life. This picture spoke to me from my past. A past extending almost … Continue reading